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Computational Contact and Adhesion Mechanics • Prof. Roger A. Sauer

Prof. Roger A. Sauer leads a DFG-funded Emmy-Noether Group within the AICES Graduate School. The group develops mechanical models and computational algorithms for adhesive contact problems based on the framework of nonlinear continuum mechanics, homogenization, i.e. coarse-graining, and finite element modeling. The challenges in this research area lie in the formulation of constitutive interface laws, complex surface microstructures, multiscale and multi-field aspects, and numerical issues like efficiency, accuracy and stability. The initial research of Prof. Sauer considered adhesive contact between nanoscale solids; new considerations include contact algorithms, advanced surface discretization techniques, adhesion at liquid interfaces, contact optimization and scale-bridging techniques for contact.

The research interests of the group are:

  • Adhesion at different length scales
  • Biomechanical contact and adhesion
  • Cohesive zone modeling
  • Contact mechanics
  • Constitutive interface laws
  • Debonding and delamination
  • Finite element methods for contact
  • Friction and wear
  • Multi-field modeling of contact
  • Multiscale methods for contact
  • Optimization of contact mechanisms
  • Self-cleaning surfaces
  • Surface characterization and tailoring
  • Surface energy driven systems
  • Surface wetting
  • Time-integration schemes for adhesion