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Research Projects

Ongoing Doctoral projects of AICES fellows

  • Manuel Allhoff:
  • Efficient Algorithms for Motif Discovery on Genomic Signals
  • Bahodir Ahmedov:
  • Optimizations of Approximation Models for Solving Kinetic Equations and their Applications
  • Rohit Atre:
  • Combining Static and Dynamic Analysis for Parallelism Discovery
  • Eduard Bader:
  • Model Order Reduction for Shape Optimization with Partial Differential Equations
  • Aravind Balan:
  • A New Spectral Difference Method for Conservation Laws Using Raviart-Thomas Elements
  • Malak Baydoun:
  • Simulation of Bone with the Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM)
  • Lucas Beyer:
  • High-Performance Density Functional Theory
  • Callum Corbett:
  • Efficient Contact Formulations for Adhesion Between Deformable Solids
    supported by DFG Emmy Noether program
  • Thang Xuan Duong:
  • Computational Determination of Effective Nanoscale Friction Models for Adhesive Contact Using Reduced Order Methods
  • Diego Fabregat:
  • Knowledge-based Automatic Generation of Algorithms and Code
  • Rolf Isele-Holder:
  • Structure and Dynamics of Liquid-Liquid and Liquid-Solid Interfaces
  • Simin Huang:
  • OED in Reservoir Engineering
  • Mark Kärcher:
  • Reduced Basis A Posteriori Error Estimation for PDE-Constrained Optimization
  • Nina Kusch:
  • Model Identification for Tumor Drug Response Mechanisms Using Heterogeneous High-Dimensional Multi-Omics Assays
  • Markus Krauß:
  • Bayesian Approach to the Deconvolution of Systems vs. Probe Properties
  • Michael Lenz:
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Janine Mergel:
  • Computational Modeling and Analysis of Self-cleaning Properties of Gecko Setae
    supported by DFG Emmy Noether program
  • Amir Abolhasani Niazi:
  • Thermodynamics of Densely Charged Media
  • Robert O’Connor:
  • Reduced Basis Methods for Feedback and Adaptive Control
  • Muhammad Osman:
  • Continuum Mechanical Modeling and Simulation of Self-Cleaning Surface Mechanics due to Microstructural Surface Effects
    supported by DFG
  • Zongrui Pei:
  • Direct and Inverse Combinatorial Materials Design Aimed at Ductile MG-Based Multi-Component Employing ab initio Methods
  • Elmar Peise:
  • Performance Modeling for Linear Algebra
  • Matthias Petschow:
  • Eigensolvers for Multi-Core Processors and Massively Parallel Supercomputers
  • Raheel Rasool:
  • Finite Element Modeling of the Fluid Flow within Small Water Droplets in Contact with Rough Surfaces
  • Farshad Roohbakhshan:
  • Computational Modeling of Lung Failure at the Alveoli Level
  • Stephan Schaller:
  • Physiology-Based Pharmacokinetic Models in Blood Glucose Control: An Alternative Approach to Tackle Major Hurdles in the Development of the Artificial Pancreas
  • Marcus Schmidt:
  • Multiscale Modeling and Computation of Mechanical Contact
  • Bernhard Schuldt:
  • Analysis and Simulation of Stress Induced Phase Transitions in Complex, Scale free Networks with Applications in Biotechnology and Systems Biology
    supported by Bayer Technology Services GmbH
  • Nima Hamidi Siboni:
  • Computer Simulation Studies of Deformation Mechanisms of Amorphous Solid
  • Atanas Stavrev:
  • The NURBS-Enhanced Finite Element Method in Accurate Prediction of Die Swell
  • Daniel Tameling:
  • Improved Long-Range Solvers for Molecular Simulations
  • Sandra Wienke:
  • Thesis Title folgt
  • Viola Wierschem:
  • High-Performance Eigensolvers for Sequences of Eigenproblems Arising in Density Functional Theory
  • Michael Woopen:
  • A Hybridized Adaptive Method for Compressible Flow Simulation
  • Lorenzo Zanon:
  • Model Order Reduction for Nonlinear Elasticity Problems

    Completed Doctoral projects of AICES fellows

  • Safdar Abbas:
  • High-Gradient XFEM
  • Markus Bachmayr:
  • Numerical Methods for Higher-Dimensional Approximation in Quantum Chemistry
  • Ariannna Bosco:
  • Turbulent Flow Simulations for Hypersonic Intakes
  • David Böhme:
  • Characterization of Computation and Communication Imbalance in Parallel Applications
  • Kwok Wah Cheng:
  • Three-dimensional h-adaptive XFEM for Two-phase Incompressible Flow
  • Zohreh Ebrahimi:
  • Phase-Field Simulations of Growth in Eutectic Colonies
  • Anna-Lena Gerner:
  • Reduced Basis Approximation and A Posteriori Error Estimation for the Unsteady Navier-Stokes Equations in Parametrized Domains
  • Francesca Iacono:
  • High-Order Adaptive Methods for Convection-Dominated Nonlinear Problems using multilevel solution techniques
  • Roman Iakymchuk:
  • Performance Modeling and Prediction for Linear Algebra Algorithms
  • Sonia Vivas Prieto:
  • Modeling Long-Term Response to Drugs (on the gene expression and population) in Oncology Therapies
    supported by BMBF Project
  • Matthias Schlottbom:
  • Numerical Methods for Optical Diffusion Tomography
  • Jochen Schütz:
  • Adjoint-Based Error Control for Target Functionals in a Discontinous-Galerkin Framework
  • Zoltan Szebenyi:
  • Trace-based Perfomance Analysis of Long-Running Applications
  • Christian Waluga:
  • HDG Methods for Incompressible Navier-Stokes Flow