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Prof. Pierre-Louis Lions for the Charlemagne Distinguished Lecture Series in Aachen

As the fourth speaker of the Charlemagne Distinguished Lecture Series, the AICES fellows invited the French mathematician Pierre-Louis Lions. Pierre-Louis Lions is definitely one of the most influential voices in mathematics nowadays: in 1994, he was awarded the fields medal, the most prestigious award a mathematician may expect to ever have. Currently he holds the position of Chair of Partial Differential Equations and their Applications at the renowned Collège de France. Moreover, he is a member of the Académie de Sciences de Paris, and serves in many editorial and scientific committees.
Professor Lions´ talk was an introduction to a new class of models called “Mean Field Games”. As expected, it was a striking success and attended by a large audience of about 130 researchers and students. During two informal meetings, the AICES fellows seized the opportunity to get to know Professor Lions as well as to raise and discuss professional questions of their interest.

April 24, 2012

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