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EU Regional School 2011 part 2

June - December 2011

Seminars take place in AICES/CCES seminar room 115, 1st floor, Rogowski Building Schinkelstr. 2
If you need any organizational help or if you would like to register for any of the courses, email to AICES Service Team, Ms. Annette de Haes at:

EU Regional School 7th Short Course

July 1, 2011
1 pm - 5 pm

Practical Solution of Eigenproblems in Science and Engineering

Dr. Christof Vömel
School of Engineering
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
EU Regional School 8th Short Course

July 5, 2011
1 pm - 5 pm

Global Optimiztion: Examples, Methods and Software

Prof. Dr. Arnold Neumaier
Department of Mathematics
University of Vienna
EU Regional School 9th Short Course

September 26, 2011
1 pm - 5 pm

A Short Course on Isogeometric Analysis: Theory, Practice and Applications

Prof. Yuri Bazilevs, Ph.D.
Department of Structural Engineering
University of California, San Diego
EU Regional School 10th Short Course

November 3, 2011
10:30 am - 12 pm
2 pm - 3:30 pm

Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) for Partial Differential Equations; Application to PDE-Constrained Optimization

Prof. Dr. Stefan Volkwein
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Konstanz
EU Regional School 11th Short Course

November 10, 2011
1 pm - 5 pm

Quantum Theory of Materials - Introduction to Density Functional Theory and its Computational Challenges

Dr. Edoardo Di Napoli
Jülich Supercomputing Centre
Forschunszentrum Jülich

EU Regional School 12th Short Course

December 6, 2011
1 pm - 5 pm

Sparse Direct Linear Solvers

Jean-Yves L'Excellent, Ph.D.
Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallelisme
ENS Lyon
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