Ongoing Doctoral Projects of AICES Fellows

Sebastian Achilles

Inverse Design of Functional Hetero-Interfaces in Photovoltaic Applications

Atafeh Alipour

Confined Metal Plasticity - Small Scale Modeling and Numerically Efficient Implementation

Henrik Barthels

A Knowledge-Based Linear Algebra Compiler

Rex Bedzra

Multi-Scale Modelling of the Nonlinear Deformation and Damage Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Composites

Jayesh Bhat

A Dynamic Bayesian Network to Model Dysfunctioning Behavior of Multiple Organ Systems for Sepsis

Denise Degen

Parameter Estimation and Data Assimilation in Groundwater Modeling

Christian Doberstein

Joint Exit Wave Reconstruction and Nonrigid, Multimodal Registration of Transmission Electron Microscopy Image Series

Malte Döntgen

Reaction Models from Reactive Molecular Dynamics and High-Level Kinetics Predictions

Hadizadeh Esfahani

Towards the Modeling ofPhase Transitions in Biological Systems using Physiology Space and Thermodynamic Approaches

Pejman Farhadi

Development of a Model for Deconvolution of Heterogeneous Patient Data for Disease Modeling

Nicolas Galego-Ortiz

Integrable Frame Fields for Quad Mesh Generation

Reza Ghaffari

Continuum Mechanical Surrogate Models of Atomistic Surface Manifolds

Maximilian Harmel

Computationally Efficient Thermomechanical Contact Models for Creeping Flows

Markus Höhnerbach

A Framework for the Vectorization of Molecular Dynamics Kernels

Katharina Immel

Numerical Modeling of the Adhesive Contact at the Bone-Implant Interface

Roy Indu 

Reduced-Order Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Large Enzymes

Mohammad Khorrami

Development of Theoretical and Computational Methods for Multi-Scale Material Modelling and their Application

Nina Kusch

Model Identification for Tumor Drug Response Mechanisms Using Heterogeneous High-Dimensional Multi-Omics Assays

Jeyashree Krishnan

Efficient Implementation of Continuous-Time Spiking Neuron Models and Development of Heuristics to Study Effective Connectivity in Basal Ganglia

Janine Mergel

Computational Modeling and Analysis of Self-cleaning Properties of Gecko Setae

supported by DFG Emmy Noether program

Niklas Mevenkamp

Non-Local Denoising and Unsupervised Quantitative Analysis in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

Elmar Peise

Performance Modeling and Prediction for Dense Linear Algebra

Ayaj Rangarajan

Metric-Based hp-Adaptation Using a Continuous Mesh Model

Farshad Roohbakhshan

Computational Modeling of Lung Failure at the Alveoli Level

Kai Schüller

Farzad Shirazian

Multiscale Simulation of Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Materials

Paul Springer

High-Performance Tensor Contractions

Rosalia Tatano

Multi-Modal Registration Techniques in Neurosurgery

Zoi Tokoutsi

Optimization and Model Reduction Methods for Real Rime Adaptive Thermal Planning and Delivery in Ablation Cancer Treatments

Igor Traskunov

Diffusion of Large Polymers Molecules in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Lisa Turnhoff

Identification and Modeling of Clinical Side Effects of Drugs From Large In Vitro Data Sets Using High-Dimensional Projection Spaces

Nihil Vaidya

Biophysics Model Development Describing 3D Energy-Tissue Interaction for Thermal Ablation Treatments in Cancer Care

Miguel de la Varga

Geological Modelling as an Inference Problem

Rhea von Bülow

Integrated Hydrogeophysical and Structural Investigation of the Subsurface  

Sandra Wienke

A Methodology Towards Software Metrics for an Estimation of Total Cost of Ownership in High-Performance Computing

Jan Winkelmann

Optimized Solver for Sequences of Sparse Eigenvalue Problems Arising in Ab Initio Computations

Michael Woopen

A Hybridized Adaptive Method for Compressible Flow Simulation

Sheng Ying Yue

First Principle Study of Thermal Transfer

Yanguang Zhou

Atomistic Characterization of Thermal Conductivity Modulation by Nanostructuring

Alexander Zimmerman

Predictive modeling and simulation of phase-change processes with applications in cryosphere geophysics

Christopher Zimmermann Isogeometric Finite Element Modeling of Phase Fields on Deforming Surfaces