Research at AICES is concerned with computational methods for engineering applications with focus on

  • the modeling of physical and physiological systems
  • robust and practical mathematical and numerical methods
  • efficient and usable computational tools and infrastructure and the interaction and integration of these in order to deal with
  • broadly defined inverse problems like parameter identification and model discovery, model based experimentation, optimal control and design, and many more. 

Doctoral Projects

The graduate school provides stipends for about 20 AICES funded doctoral projects, which are jointly advised by an AICES Junior Research group leader and a senior advisor. Topics include specialized research in one of the areas of computational engineering, as well as on the integrative level of broadly defined inverse problems. Experimental support facilities of AICES are accessible also to ascociated doctoral candidates projects, strengthening the interdisciplinarity of AICES research. Furthermore, AICES provides hosting for externally funded doctoral projects and young researchers. Interaction with externally funded projects is supported by ascociating doctoral candidates and externally funded young researchers, and thus providing access to experimental funds. 

Research Seminars, Workshops and Conferences

Integration and collaboration with external projects is also enfostered by joint organization of workshops and seminars, and support for organization of conferences, see events page for details. 

Preprints and Publications

Part of AICES research is made accessible online in form of preprints and technical reports. For a complete list of publications, please visit the preprints pages or personal pages of the researchers.