Predictive Modeling and Simulation of Phase-Change Processes with Applications in Cryosphere Geophysics


Project goal:
Develop, implement, verify, and validate simulations of coupled transport and phase-change processes in water-ice systems. Apply the simulation methods to 1. a parameter identification study based on recent experimental data acquired in the context of the DLR Enceladus Explorer Initiative, and 2. a proof-of-concept study simulating the evolution of a water-ice system typical to icy moons of our solar system.
Background and motivation:
Cryosphere geophysics experienced an increased research interest in recent years. Scientific progress in many geoscientific areas requires the development of sophisticated simulation methods capable of resolving cryospheric processes at high spatio-temporal resolution. Relevant fields include climate change related research, meterology, and extraterrestrial geoscience (especially for our solar system's icy moons, e.g. Enceladus).