I³MS Seminar Series WS 2013/14

This is the continuation of CCES and AIMS Seminar Series under the new name I³MS Seminar Series.

Seminars are taking place Mondays at 4 pm in AICES seminar room, Schinkelstr. 2, 1st floor, room 115

Takes place in Super C, Generali Room, 6th floor at 2 pm
Prof. Dr. Michele Parrinello
Computational Science, ETH, Zürich
Atomistic Computer Simulations: Past, Present and Future

Prof. Nikos Pitsianis, Ph.D.
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki and
Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University
Dynamic Parallelism of Adaptive FMM

Prof. Christophe Prud'homme, Ph.D.
Advanced Mathematics Research Institute, Université de Strasbourg
Fluid Structure Interaction with Application to Blood Flow and Blood Rheology

Prof. Erik Hagersten, Ph.D.
Division of Computer Systems, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University
Fast Modeling Technology in the Multicore Era

Prof. Dr. Boris Vexler
Centre for Mathematical Sciences, TU München
Adaptive Finite Element Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization Problems

Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühne
Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Quantum Mechanics in a Glass of Water

Prof. Chris Iacovella, Ph.D.
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Vanderbilt University
Improved Computational Models via Synthesis Mimetic Simulation: Applications to Nano Confined Systems

Prof. Ruo Li, Ph.D.
School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University
From Discrete Velocity Models to Moment Methods in Kinetic Gas Theory

Prof. Ming Hu, Ph.D.
Material Engineering, Graduate School AICES, RWTH Aachen University
Computational Modeling of Nanostructured Materials for Novel Energy Conversion

Prof. Dr. Matthias Müller
Chair High Performance Computing, Center for Computing and Communication, RWTH Aachen University
An HPC-Strategy for Research and Service on the Road to Exascale

This is a continuation of the seminar series from Summer Semester 2013.