Phase-field modelling and simulation applied to microstructure formation

Dr.-Ing. Joao L. Rezende


The prediction of materials microstructures as a function of the processing conditions was made possible in last years through the application of the so-called phase-field methods. This course will give an overview of the phase-field methods, from their origins in the theoretical physics to the most recent technological applications.


The phase-field method has its origins in the theoretical treatment of second order phase-trasitions. In the last two decades, it became a method of choice also for the description of first-order phase transitions. In this last case, which is the most interesting one for the materials scientists, the method substitutes the concept of a sharply defined interface by the concept of a smeared interface which represents a smooth transition between two phases. Originally applied only to solidification problems, more recently, this method has been applied to phase transformations in the solid-state, multiphase transformations and descriptions down to the atomic scale.