AICES Fellow Eduard Bader Has Passed His Doctoral Exam

Bader Defense

Eduard started as AICES fellow in 2012 and received his doctoral degree in October 2016. His research on Reduced Basis Methods Applied to Obstacle Problems and Parametrized Distributed Optimal Control Problems with Control and State Constraint, has been advised by Prof. Veroy-Grepl, Ph.D. and Prof. Dr. Herty. 

Congratulations Eduard! 

MINT- EC- Academic CAMMP week

MINT-EC Academie CAMMP week 2016

22 students from schools, that are part of the MINT-EC network of excellence, came together to solve real- world problems from business and economics with the help of mathematical modelling, to learn the basics. 
The results were presented to a large audience, in RWTH Aachen’s Super C. The workshop is organized by the CCES Chair of Mathematics and AICES graduate school. 

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Prof. Roger A. Sauer, Ph.D. is involved in the CARL project

Roger A. Sauer

A Center for Ageing, Reliability and Lifetime Prediction of Electrochemical and Power Electronic Systems, CARL for short, will be developed at RWTH Aachen until 2020. AICES Junior Research Group Leader Prof. Roger Sauer, Ph.D., will be one oft the Principal Investigators, together with colleagues from mathematics, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and materials science. 
This project will receive 60 million euros of funding. 

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DFG Project Approved for AICES Junior Research Group Leader Prof. Dr. Ming Hu

The DFG project “Negative Thermal Expansion Materials under Pressure: a New Route for High Performance Thermoelectrics“ is a 3-year Project. It aims at exploring a new area where the electronic and phononic transport can be decoupled, when negative thermal expansion material, pressure and thermoelectrics meet together. 
The project is anticipated to start in November. 

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AICES Fellow Mark Kärcher Has Passed His Doctoral Exam

Kaercher Defense

Mark Kärcher started as AICES fellow in 2011 and received his doctoral degree in September 2016. His research on Certified Reduced Basis Methods for Parametrized PDE-Constrained Optimization, has been advised by Prof. Grepl, Ph.D. and Prof. Dr. Volkwein. 
Mark now works at AICES and at IGPM. 

Congratulations Mark!