Bernhard Schuldt invited to give a talk at the 4th Bioinformatics Stem Cells Satellite Workshop in Essen

Bernhard Schuldt an AICES fellow working for Prof. Andreas Schuppert, and Dr. Franz-Josef Müller (CAU Kiel) will present recent and ongoing research projects in a talk "Pluripotent stem cells: one network to find them, one network to rule them?" at the 4th Bioinformatics Stem Cells Satellite Workshop Stem Cell Network NRW in 
Essen. The talk will give an intuitive overview of different uses of systems biology based on experience in applying network concepts in pluripotent stem cell research.
Furthermore, there will be an outlook on how different approaches can be integrated into comprehensive mathematical models, which are necessary for planning novel and successful experiments.

Location: Bioinformatics Stem Cells Satellite Workshop Stem Cell Network NRW
Robert-Koch-Haus, Virchowstr. 179, Essen
Date: April 7, 2011
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On-site registrants are admitted as space permits.

Kwok Wah Cheng becomes the second AICES fellow to pass his doctoral defense

Kwok Wah Cheng received his Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from National University of Singapore in 2001 and his Master of Science in Computational Mechanics of Technical University of Munich, Germany in 2006. He started as an AICES fellow in October 2007, working on his thesis, "h- and p-XFEM with Application to TWO-Phase Incompressible Flow“, advised by Dr. Thomas Fries, prof. Marek Behr and Prof. Dr. Arnold Reusken. He is the second fellow of AICES to receive his doctoral degree. Congratulations!

Location: Graduate School AICES, RWTH Aachen University
Date: March 2011

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AICES Fellow Anna-Lena Gerner interviewed by Britta Mersch for Leonardo - WDR5

Anna-Lena Gerner emphasized the outstanding quality of the AICES advising concept during her doctoral research phase at the AICES Graduate School.

Location: Channel Leonardo WDR 5
Date: March 16, 2011

Nature Methods paper by Bernhard Schuldt (AICES group of Prof. Andreas Schuppert) presents PluriTest, a novel tool for stem cell research

Bernhard Schuldt, an AICES fellow together with Dr. Franz-Josef Müller, CAU Kiel and partners from The Scripps Research Institute (San Diego, USA) has developed a new bioinformatic algorithm allowing pattern recognition which can differentiate between pluripotent and non-pluripotent stem cell lines (published in Nature Methods, DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.1580). The research group thus offers an alternative to tests on stem cell lines with lab mice. The new procedure was implemented in the PluriTest web-based tool ( and is available across the world for researchers to use to analyse their stem cell lines. Bernhard Schuldt is a member of a project to create reconstruction procedures for biological networks under the leadership of Professor Andreas Schuppert, which is financed by Bayer Technology Services GmbH (Leverkusen)

Location: AICES Graduate School
Date: March 7, 2011
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AICES Fellow Zoltan Szebenyi will present his dissertation project at the IPDPS 2011 Conference in Anchorage/Alaska

Zoltan Szebenyi, an AICES fellow together with Prof. Felix Wolf from the German Research School for Simulation Sciences, will present his dissertation project on the performance dynamics of parallel simulation programs at the Ph.D. forum of the IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium. In addition to his thesis work as a whole, Szebenyi will also present a technical paper on a specific aspect dealing with the challenge of how to lower the overhead of performance measurements.

Location: IPDPS 2011 Conference in Anchorage/Alaska, USA
Date: May 16-20, 2011