CAMMP Week 2016

How do you have to arrange the mirrors in a solar power plant to generate the mostelectricity? How can you improve the booking system of a Carsharing-Company? And can you measure velocity with the help of a cellphone camera? For the 5th time, the Computational and Mathematical Modeling Program (CAMMP) sought to provide answers to those kinds of questions.

CAMMP's main objective is to make school students aware of their talents and potential as well as to develop sustainable interest in the different STEM fields. Moreover, a smooth transition from school to university should be ensured.

CAMMP Week took place from June 19-24, 2016 in a youth hostel in Voeren, Belgium, and is organized by Professor Martin Frank (MathCCES), as well as Dr. Nicole Faber (AICES Graduate School).

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Dr. Nicole Faber and Prof. Marek Behr gave a talk at the lecture series of RWTHextern

Dr. Nicole Faber and Prof. Dr. Marek Behr gave a talk withn the course of lectures “Forschung auf höchstem Niveau” at the public forum “RWTHextern”. The intention of RWTHextern is, to give an insight about scientific research at RWTH Aachen to the citizen of Aachen.

Their talk was about “Computergestützte Wissenschaften – Beispiele innovativer und interdisziplinärer Spitzenforschung”. Dr. Faber and Prof. Behr were there, to represent AICES Graduate school, talk about science and doctoral education at AICES and showing examples of how the work at AICES is used.

Multiscale Modeling and Model Reduction Workshop

A two-day workshop on Multiscale Modeling and Model Reduction was organized jointly by the RWTH Profile Area Computational Science & Engineering (CompSE) and AICES. It was chaired by AICES PIs Prof. Stefanie Reese and Prof. Marek Behr. Ca. 30 young researchers from German and Dutch universities working in the fields of solid and fluid mechanics took part in lively discussions and a full program of scientific talks. The event was held at the new Innside Hotel by Melia in Aachen.

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Prof. Behr elected Vice-President of the German Association for Computational Mechanics

The General Assembly of the German Association for Computational Mechanics took place on June 7, 2016, in conjunction with the ECCOMAS Congress 2016 on Crete Island, Greece. The Scientific Director of AICES, Prof. Marek Behr, was elected as the next Vice-President of GACM for a four-year term 2017-2021. Prof. Michael Kaliske from TU Dresden, the current Vice-President of GACM, will become the new President.

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Congratulations to Marek!

Brooks Rabideau at the University of South Alabama

Former AICES postdoctoral associate Brooks Rabideau accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Departement of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of South Alabama. 
Brooks was part of former AICES Junior Research Group Leader Ahmed E. Ismails group for Molecular Simulations and Transformations and part of of IRF-A1 in TMFB 

Congratulations, Brooks!