Charlemagne Distinguished Lecture Series: AICES Welcomes Prof. Dr. Yann LeCun


Twice a year, the AICES fellows organize the prestigious Charlemagne Lecture, whose objective is to invite persons, who have achieved impressive accomplishments throughout their career and, in this sense, to get inspired by their scientific achievements. 
As the 12th speaker, the AICES fellows invited Professor Dr. Yann LeCun, Director of AI Research at Facebook. Professor Dr. LeCun gave a talk on "Unsupervised Learning: the Next Frontier in AI" on November 28, 2016 at 3pm in the FordHall of Super C (6th floor). 
We were very pleased about his visit and we will be honoured to welcome Yann LeCun any time again.  

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AICES Fellow Henrik Barthels won the Student Research Competition at SPLASH 2016

Henrik Barthels

Henrik Barthels took the 1st place in the graduate category of the Student Research Competition at SPLASH 2016.
The competition consisted of three rounds, in the form of an extended abstract, a poster presentation, and a talk. His work is titled "A compiler for Linear Algebra Operations”, and is supervised by Prof. Bientinesi. Henrik will now compete in a fourth and final round against the winners from all ACM conferences of 2016.

Congratulations to Henrik and good luck for the world finals!

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AICES Fellow Zhenying Zhang Has Passed Her Doctoral Exam

Zhenying Zhang

Zhenying started as AICES fellow in October 2011 and received her doctoral degree in November 2016. Her research on Certified Reduced Basis Method for Variational Inequalities, has been advised by Prof. Veroy-Grepl, Ph.D. and Prof. Dr. Herty.

Congratulations Zhenying!

AICES Associated Junior Research Group Leader Stefanie Elgeti Has Passed her Habilitation

Stefanie Elgeti

On November 16th, Stefanie Elgeti has passed her habilitation. The title of her presentation was:” Errors in Judgement in Engineering: What Can They Teach Us about the Design Process?“. Her habilitation treatise had the title: „CAD-Conforming Finite Element Methods in Engineering Design“. The consultants were Prof. Behr, Ph.D., Prof. Reali, Ph.D. and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wall.

Congratulations Stefanie!

AICES Fellow Eduard Bader Has Passed His Doctoral Exam

Bader Defense

Eduard started as AICES fellow in 2012 and received his doctoral degree in October 2016. His research on Reduced Basis Methods Applied to Obstacle Problems and Parametrized Distributed Optimal Control Problems with Control and State Constraint, has been advised by Prof. Veroy-Grepl, Ph.D. and Prof. Dr. Herty. 

Congratulations Eduard!