Prof. Franco Brezzi for the Charlemagne Distinguished Lecture Series in Aachen

This semester the AICES fellows invited Italian mathematician Prof. Franco Brezzi. as the sixth speaker of the Charlemagne Distinguished Lecture Series. He is Professor of Mathematical Analysis at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pavia, and the Director of the Institute of Numerical Analysis of the Italian National Research Council. His research interests are mainly concentrated in the field of numerical methods for partial differential equations, and in particular on finite element methods. These include various problems in structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, and electromagnetism.

His major results deal with the stability conditions for problems in mixed form (the inf-sup condition), with the design of new elements for incompressible materials and for plate problems, with the residual-free bubble approach for two-level methods, as well as with the three-field formulation for domain-decomposition methods.

Professor Brezzi´s talk covered the brand new Virtual Element Method. This is a Galerkin method where the finite dimensional subspace is locally comprised of single- or vector-valued functions that are solutions of suitable local PDE problems.

A large audience of researchers and students attended the talk. Again, the AICES fellows seized the opportunity to meet Professor Brezzi personally, as well as to raise and discuss technical and professional questions

April 15, 2013

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