New AICES Junior Professor

It is a great pleasure that AICES announces the start of a new young research group leader Florian Wellmann

Florian Wellmann studied Geology at the University of Tübingen with a focus on Applied Geosciences and Geophysics, and studied for his thesis (Diplomarbeit) at the ETH Zürich. After graduating, he worked for the German Polar Institute (AWI) as overwintering geophysicist on the German antarctic station Neumayer II. Having spent more than one year in cold temperatures, he decided to focus his research on heat in the subsurface - in particular geothermal energy - which brought him to the University of Western Australia in Perth where he graduated with a Ph.D. in 2012. After post doc positions in Australia (with CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering and the UWA Centre for Exploration Targeting) he has been appointed to a Junior Professorship at the AICES Graduate School in June 2014.

Florian Wellmann’s research interests focus on numerical reservoir engineering as the link between geosciences and engineering, combining geological knowledge, statistical concepts and numerical simulations to understand uncertainties in the subsurface - and the best ways to reduce them.

Welcome in AICES, Florian!