Nature Methods paper by Bernhard Schuldt (AICES group of Prof. Andreas Schuppert) presents PluriTest, a novel tool for stem cell research

Bernhard Schuldt, an AICES fellow together with Dr. Franz-Josef M├╝ller, CAU Kiel and partners from The Scripps Research Institute (San Diego, USA) has developed a new bioinformatic algorithm allowing pattern recognition which can differentiate between pluripotent and non-pluripotent stem cell lines (published in Nature Methods, DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.1580). The research group thus offers an alternative to tests on stem cell lines with lab mice. The new procedure was implemented in the PluriTest web-based tool ( and is available across the world for researchers to use to analyse their stem cell lines. Bernhard Schuldt is a member of a project to create reconstruction procedures for biological networks under the leadership of Professor Andreas Schuppert, which is financed by Bayer Technology Services GmbH (Leverkusen)

Location: AICES Graduate School
Date: March 7, 2011
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