IRTG Annual School

The Summer School took place in conjunction with the Annual Meeting. At the Summer School Principal Investigators, as well as guest lecturers, give short courses on pertinent topics. The aim is to amplify the common theme of the IRTG, give doctoral candidates a better orientation in the field of inverse problems, and identify common themes or methods within the area.

As part of the Summer School 2019 of the IRTG-2379 at Austin, which took place on July 25 and 26 2019, Prof. Thomas J.R. Hughes gave a special talk on “My 50+ Years in the Finite Element Method”. On July 25, Prof. Karen Veroy-Grepl gave a short course on “Model Order Reduction: Theory and Applications”. On Friday, July 26, Prof. Robert van de Geijn, Prof. Maggie Myers and Devangi Parikh gave a short course on “Optimizing Matrix Libraries”.