CAMMP awarded Brigitte Gilles Prize

RWTH Aachen annually awards the Brigitte Gilles Prize, the first name of the women's representative of the University, Professor Brigitte Gilles. The aim is to create projects and measures of an innovative nature that contribute to the promotion of women.
CAMMP (Computational and Mathematical Modeling Program) was awarded the Brigitte Gilles Prize 2018 for its commitment to promoting young women in the category projects, initiatives and individuals. The prize was awarded during the event RWTHtransparent on April 5th 2019.

The aim of CAMMP is to arouse and encourage students' interest in MINT study programs. In "CAMMP Days" and "CAMMP Weeks", middle and high school students devote themselves to solving everyday problems, industry and research, using mathematical modeling and computer use. They are supervised by female students, doctoral candidates and scientists.

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