CAMMP 2014: Building a Bridge Between School Education and Scientific Research

For the fourth time, the RWTH´s education lab “Computational and Mathematical Modeling Program” (CAMMP) brought together high school students and faculty to introduce the basics of computational modeling. Working intensively over the course of a week, students constructed solutions to challenging mathematical problems provided by the department of process and textile engineering, as well as medicine. Moreover, the companies INFORM GmbH and RWP GmbH challenged the students by defining tasks in the field of transport logistics and metalworking industry.

CAMMP´s main objective is to develop sustainable interest in the different STEM fields. However, CAMMP was not only about intellectual work: team sports such as a soccer and basketball match boosted the team spirit and created a balance between physical and mental activities. Intensive group work gave students the opportunity to expand their team-building skills and to develop their presentation techniques. In addition, the conclusion that success and patience are very close together was a positive side effect of the student´s hard work.

CAMMP took place from June 15 – 20, 2014 in a youth hostel in Voeren, Belgium, and was organized by Professor Martin Frank (MathCCES), Professor Ahmed Ismail (Molecular Simulations and Transformations), as well as Dr. Nicole Faber (Graduate School AICES). The presentation of the final results took place in the SUPER C Building of RWTH Aachen University.

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July 2014