A New Association in Peace Research for Malte Göttsche

RWTH is coordinating an interdisciplinary research association with the aim of building trust in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. The project is being funded by the BMBF with a total of 3.2 million euros and is being coordinated by the RWTH research group "Nuclear Verification and Disarmament", which is headed up by Professor Malte Göttsche.

The global political situation is increasingly uncertain and unmanageable; this is being demonstrated by the Ukraine crisis, among other things. The situation is characterized by increasing multipolarity, great power rivalry, rapid change and mistrust between states. At the same time, the threat posed by nuclear weapons is still present, with over 13,000 nuclear weapons existing worldwide. With this in mind, RWTH has launched the new research network "Verification in a Complex and Unpredictable World: Social, Political and Technical Processes" (VeSPoTec).

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