I³MS - Wiechert Seminar

Location: Room 115, AICES, Rogowski

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wiechert - Parameter Estimation in Systems Biology: Problems, Methods and Tools for Uncertainty Propagation

Biotechnology, Computational Systems Biotechnology, Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University


A large class of models commonly used in Systems Biology is formulated as a system of ordinary differential equations. The parameters are related to the mechanisms of biochemical reaction steps within the system. In strong contrast to many technical systems, the problem of parameter estimation in systems biology is much more difficult because - the biological system cannot be properly decomposed into its parts - the measurements are noisy, biased and rather indirectly related to the parameters, - the system counteracts the influence of external control variables It has been shown that under these circumstances it is not possible to precisely estimate all model parameters. However, this does not mean that model based predictions are impossible. The talk will give a survey over methods and tools for uncertainty propagation currently applied in this field. Examples will be taken from research projects of the Modeling & Simulation group in the IBG-1 institute of the research center Jülich.