I³MS - Schöberl Seminar

Location: Room 115, AICES, Rogowski

Prof. Dr. Joachim Schöberl - Recent Development in the Finite Element Software NGSolve

Analysis and Scientific Computing, Vienna University of Technology


In this talk we present the structure of our high order finite element software library NGSolve. Its strength is the abstract problem formulation in generic function spaces. Particular realizations are high order finite element spaces for scalar as well as vectorial fields, and continuous as well as hybrid discontinuous elements. This allows a native discretization of many different phyical fields.

We present element-level p-version and sub-domain level h-version domain decomposition preconditioning strategies which are generic for a wide class of elliptic equations, and are well suited for large scale parallel computing.

We discuss coding aspects based the new C++11 standard. In particular we show how lambda-functions can be used to simplify finite element operations and thus allows convenient optimization by vectorization.

We present an interface to the popular Python scripting language, which allows quick high level program development. As an example we show a reduced basis method for a fluid-structure interaction problem.