I³MS - Schneider Seminar

Location: Room 115, AICES, Rogowski

Prof. Dr. Ralf Schneider - Plasma- Wall -Interaction: a ‚Hot’ Topic - From Fusion to ion Propulsion

Computational Physics Group, University of Greifswald


The existence of limiting material walls in plasmas creates a broad spectrum of effects. The talk will present examples from three topics using theoretical modelling as well as experimental results. Firstly, the problem of power and particle exhaust in fusion plasmas will be introduced. The plasma-wall interaction is characterized by strongly non-linearly coupled processes with multi-scale characteristics. Here, processes on the atomistic scale can determine and limit the behaviour of fusion plasmas. Secondly, the interaction of low temperature plasmas with walls will be discussed, especially the dynamics of radiofrequency discharges. Finally, as last example of research areas where plasma-wall processes are quite important, results for ion propulsion concepts are presented.