I³MS - Rohde Seminar

Location: Room 115, AICES, Rogowski

Prof. Dr. Christian Rohde - Compressible Liquid-Vapour Flow: Modelling, Analysis, Simulation

Chair of Applied Mathematics, University of Stuttgart


Diffuse interface and phase field models have become very popular for the description of multiphase behaviour in continuum-mechanical applications. In particular they support changes in the topology of the phase structure and avoid the use of a complex and often mathematically doubtful interface tracking. On the other hand it seems not so easy to integrate diffuse interface models in a multiphysics context. Typical difficulties are thermodynamical inconsistencies or the occurence of mixed-txpe structures which permit the use of well-established numerical schemes. We will focus in the talk on diffuse-interface models for compressible multiphase flow as a specific example. In the first part of the talk we will discuss several diffuse-interface models with respect to their dis/advantages. In the second part we propose a generic relaxation approximation which removes some of the disadvantages and allows the re-use of existing numerical methods.