I³MS - Prud'homme Seminar

Location: Seminar room 115, 1st floor, Rogowski building, Schinkelstr. 2

Prof. Christophe Prud'homme, Ph.D. - Fluid Structure Interaction with Application to Blood Flow and Blood Rheology

Advanced Mathematics Research Institute, Université de Strasbourg


Blood is a complex fluid and the vascular system in which it flows is no less complex. We present in this talk two research axis: (i) fluid and fluid-vessel wall interaction and (ii) fluid(plasma)-particle(red blood cell) interaction. In both cases we expose the mathematical and computational framework. In particular we consider different methodologies: (i) Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian method for Navier-Stokes in moving domains for fluid-wall interaction, (ii) the so-called fat boundary method as well as levelset method to handle fluid-particule interaction. We shall discuss using high order approximation including for the geometry. The talk is illustrated using simulations in 2D and 3D both for blood flows in realistic geometries and for blood rheology.