I³MS - Mieussens Seminar

Location: Room 115, AICES, Rogowski name Vanessa Sc

Prof. Dr. Luc Mieussens - Numerical Simulation of the Crookes Radiometer

Institute of Mathematics, University of Bordaeux


The Crookes radiometer is a small mill enclosed in a glass bulb containing a partial vacuum. The vanes of the mill rotate when exposed to light. This rotation is due to the thermal transpiration, an effect explained by the kinetic theory of gases, as shown by Reynolds and Maxwell. In this talk, I will present a numerical method to simulate this Crookes radiometer. The main difficulty is to treat moving boundaries inside a rarefied gas as modeled by the Boltzmann equation. This is made with a numerical scheme on Cartesian grids with a cut-cell approach and adaptive mesh refinement. The method can easily handle complex geometries and can be used to make full 3D simulations. This work is in collaboration with Guillaume Dechristé.