I³MS - Magin Seminar

Location: Room 115, AICES, Rogowski

Prof. Dr. Thierry Magin - Cooled Pitot probe in air plasma jet. What do we measure?

Aeronautics and Aerospace Department, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics


The aerothermodynamic environment of spacecraft entering into a planetary atmosphere can be reproduced in high enthalpy facilities such as the Plasmatron facility of the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, a 1.2MW inductively coupled plasma windtunnel. The total pressure in a plasma jet at temperatures of the order of 10,000 K can be measured by means of a water-cooled Pitot probe. We propose to study this measurement technique by means of numerical simulations. A magneto-hydrodynamic computational model for inductively coupled plasma flows allow us to examine three sources of departure of the stagnation point pressure measured by the probe from the total pressure computed theoretically: the viscous effect, the heat transfer to the probe, and the reference static pressure.