I³MS - Hagersten Seminar

Location: Seminar room 115, 1st floor, Rogowski building, Schinkelstr. 2

Prof. Erik Hagersten, Ph.D. - Fast Modeling Technology in the Multicore Era

Division of Computer Systems, Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University


Multicore introduces many hardware design tradeoffs and simulation technology is used extensively to guide the hardware designs towards near-optimal design points. However, multicore also introduces a number of new design choices for the programmer, compiler and runtime system and finding the near-optimal design point for these technologies could be just as important.

In this talk I will advocate that simulation/modeling technology is needed not only for hardware developers, but also for application developers and runtime systems. Such use requires two to three orders of magnitude lower overhead than traditional simulation technology. I will present statistical simulation methods, architecturally independent performance metrics and performance variability studies as three possible “simulation” technologies for such usage.