I³MS - DeRose Seminar

Location: AICES, Schinkelstr. 2, 1st floor, room 115

Dr. Luiz DeRose - Portable and Productive Performance on Hybrid Systems with OpenACC Compilers and Tools

Programming Environment Director, Cray Inc.


To increase system performance while meeting reasonable power budgets, the supercomputing industry is trending towards building hybrid systems with accelerators attached to multi-core processors. However, some of the critical hurdles for the widespread adoption of accelerated computing in high performance computing are portability and programmability. The dominant programming models (CUDA and OpenCL) often incur high development costs and result in non-portable applications. To be an effective HPC platform, these Hybrid System need a high level software development environment to facilitate the porting and development of applications, so they can be portable and run efficiently on either accelerators or CPUs. In this talk I will present Cray’s high level parallel programming environment for accelerator based systems, which consists of tightly coupled compilers, libraries, and tools that can interoperate and hide the complexity of the architecture. Ease of use is possible with compiler making it feasible for users to write applications in Fortran, C, or C++ with OpenACC directives, tools to help users port, debug, and optimize for accelerators, as well as conventional multi-core CPUs; and auto-tuned scientific libraries. The talk will conclude with a reflection on the successes and shortcomings experienced during OpenACC’s first year and highlights of the upcoming OpenACC 2.0 standard.