I³MS - Saxena Seminar

Location: AICES Seminar Room 115, 1st floor, Schinkelstr. 2, 52062 Aachen

Prof. Dr. Anupam Saxena - On Potential Flow Approach Modeling Unsteady Flow Around and Wake Interaction with a Flapping Wing


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur


Unsteady flow characteristics are incorporated within the potential flow
theory to estimate mean lift and drag forces per cycle on a flapping
winghcord. Creation and evolution of the attached vortices, vortex
shedding and subsequent wake capture, Kramer's and added mass effects, are
modeled. Position of the attached vortex is estimated by considering the
variation in vortex properties and centrifugal forces due to wing
rotation. Viscous effects are modeled via Kramer's effect and post vortex
shedding, via a three stage decay function of which the governing
parameters are determined optimally. Results on mean lift and drag are in
good agreement with the experimental results for fruitfly, oval and figure
of eight flap patterns available in literature. The presented analytical
model is envisaged to assist in and expedite the design process of various
sub-systems of say, a micro aerial vehicle.

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