I³MS - Haiat Seminar

Location: AICES Seminar Room 115, 1st floor, Schinkelstr. 2, 52062 Aachen

Dr. Gauillaume Haiat - Multiscale Modeling and Characterization of the Bone-Implant Interface

Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Laboratory, Universitè Paris-Est, Paris


Implants are often employed in orthopaedic and dental surgeries. However, risks of failure, which are difficult to anticipate, are still experienced and may have dramatic consequences. Failures are due to degraded bone remodeling at the bone-implant interface, a multiscale phenomenon of an interdisciplinary nature which remains poorly understood. The objective of this seminar is to provide a better understanding of the multiscale and multitime mechanisms at work at the bone- implant interface. To do so the evolution of the biomechanical properties of bone tissue around an implant will be studied during the remodeling process. A methodology involving combined in vivo, in vitro and in silico approaches is proposed. Different aspects related to the biomechanical behaviour of the bone-implant interface the static (contact problems) and in the dynamic (acoustics) regimes will be tackled.