I³MS - Auricchio Seminar

Location: AICES Seminar Room 115, 1st floor, Schinkelstr. 2, 52062 Aachen

Prof. Dr. Ferdinando Auricchio - 3D Printing: Some Experimental and Numerical Investigations

Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pavia, Italy


Additive manufacturing (AM) has recently emerged as a disruptive technology able to revolutionize design and production paradigms, paving the way for new and futuristic applications. However, the growing experience that industries, consumers, and research institutions are maturing on AM clearly indicates the need for new and effective design approaches, adapted and optimized for AM technologies. Computational modeling, in particular, may play a key role for a better comprehension of materials and product performances, as a basis for the development of high performance components, more effective production systems, and innovative applications. However, the multi-physic (from mechanical to thermal phenomena) and multi-scale (from local phase-changes and microstructural aspects to the performance of the entire 3d printed component) characteristics of the AM process represent significant challenges. The presentation will try to address some initial attempts in the modeling of additive manufacturing processes as well as some initial experimental campaigns on specific printing technologies.