The AICES graduate program is open to students who hold either a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree. There are several points of entry to the program, which determine the academic curriculum.

Doctoral Program

the AICES doctoral program is open to a limited number of extremely well-qualified students with a recent Master's degree, and a substantial background in their proposed field of study.

The doctoral program in AICES can be started at the Master level. The time needed for finishing a doctorate is shortened in the AICES program by a novel advising concept, where doctoral candidates are supervised by both a senior faculty member and a junior research group leader at the Post Doctoral or Junior Professor level. The junior advisor is responsible for defining the thesis topic, which is typically in direct support of their own research. Thus a close interaction and guidance is of mutual benefit, leading to reduced time.

Applications to the doctoral program are accepted  continuously.
All selected applicants receive a tax-exempt stipend of 2000 Euro per month during the three-year research phase.

Fast-Track/Doctoral Program

The AICES Fast-Track/Doctoral program is designed for students with a Bachelors' degree: A course-based Master's program is followed by an intensive three-year doctoral program. 

In combination with a suitable RWTH Master's program, AICES offers a fast-track curriculum that attracts science and engineering students from around the world. Upon successful completion of the Master's Program, admitted students proceed to a three-year intensive research phase, culminating in a doctoral degree. 

Students who are admitted to the AICES Fast-Track/Doctoral Program receive a research assistantship for one year during the Master's phase, with an option to extend for a further year upon positive evaluation.

Applications to the Fast-Track/Doctoral program are accepted continuously.