Entry Requirements

Our Master's program is open to very well-qualified students with a substantial background as described below.

The formal requirement for the Master’s program Simulation Sciences is a Bachelor’s degree in natural science, mathematics, computer science, or engineering.

Beside this and in order to study Simulation Sciences successfully, the following characteristics and previous knowledge should be included. Please note, that not necessarily all of the below listed knowledge / courses have to be covered however, to a great extent. 

• Desire to obtain a deeper interdisciplinary understanding in new scientific areas
• Interest in learning how to transfer scientific problems in models and computeralgorithms
• Understanding complex programming issues on different computer architectures as an interesting challenge
• Persistence in technical and scientific problem solving
• High motivation for self-study
• Sufficient proficiency in English

Previous knowledge:
• Knowledge of a programming language such as C*, C++, Fortran or others
• Basic knowledge of programming techniques
• Basic experience with Linux / Unix operating systems

* Specifically:
- basic datatypes; definition and use of data structures (structs)
- operations on pointers and memory addresses
- how to allocate and free dynamic memory (malloc, free)
- declarations and calls of (recursive) functions
- how to pass arguments to functions ("by value" and "by address")
- use of library functions (headers, include, prototypes, ...)

• Analysis
• Linear algebra
• Statistics
• Numerics

Basic knowledge / courses in several of the following disciplines:
• Classical mechanics
• Electrostatics
• Magnetism

• General chemistry

Computer science
• Algorithms (e.g. recursions, complexity analysis)
• Software analysis (e.g. object-oriented programming)

• Fluid dynamics
• Structural mechanics
• Thermodynamics

For detailed information about the required credit points, please click here and read §3 of the examination regulations. Examination regulations are only published in German as they are legally binding.