Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Marc S. Boxberg

Funding: DLR

Wave propagation in heterogeneous media and geophysical inversion

Dr. Thang Xuan Duong

Continuum Thermo-mechanical Surrogate Modeling of Frictional Contact at Atomic Length Scales

Dr. Paolo Gatto

Funding: AICES

Numerical Methods for PDE's; Hp-finite Elements; Randomized Linear Algebra

Dr. Reza Ghaffari

Funding: AICES

Advanced Continuum Frictional Models for Atomistic Systems

Dr. Matthias Kirchhart

Funding: AICES and MathCCES

Vortex Methods

Dr. Eric Lindgren

Funding: AICES and MathCCES

Theoretical Analysis of the Governing Forces in Self-assembly Processes

Dr. Madalina Wittel

Funding: AICES

Nuclear Verification and Disarmament