Gender and Diversity

The AICES Sub-Committee on Gender and Diversity works to implement measures aimed at achieving diversity and gender equality in the AICES community. The committee coordinates its activities with the university's Equal Opportunities Office and the Integration Team–Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management . The members of the committee are:

Prof. Marek Behr Ph.D.

Scientific Director, Faculty, Steering Committee Member

Hemo-, Hydro- and Aerodynamics

Dr. Nicole Faber

Managing Director, Steering Committee Member

Prof. Georg May Ph.D.

Junior Research Group Leader

High Order Schemes for PDE, Aerodynamics

Prof. Karen Veroy-Grepl Ph.D.

Junior Research Group Leader

Reduced-Order Modeling

Dr. Lorenzo Zanon


Model Order Reduction for Nonlinear Elasticity Problems

It has been noted that one of the obstacles faced by women and minorities in academia is the lack of mentoring. Guidance beyond research apprenticeship plays an especially important role for underrepresented groups who have few role models to begin with. To address this issue, the committee has established a voluntary mentoring program. The committee solicits volunteers among the principal investigators to act as mentors. Mentors are professors or senior staff who have expressed willingness to coach the doctoral students on a variety of topics—from career plans to job applications.
The program is intended to provide any student who seeks it the opportunity to have a trusted ally who can guide and facilitate their growth and development throughout (and even beyond) their graduate studies. The mentorship program is informal by design, and is intended to supplement the mentorship activities of the students' research advisors and the more formal programs of the university.

The following professors and senior staff have agreed to serve as mentors, and students are highly encouraged to simply approach any of them.