Alumni Young Researchers

Dr. Roland Blaschek

Geothermal Energy and CO2 Storage

Prof. Dr. David Bommes

University of Bern

Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

Mesh Generation, Geometry Processing, Differential Geometry, Numerical Optimization

Prof. Dr. Heiko Briesen

Multiscale Modeling

Prof. Dr. Herbert Egger

Inverse Problems

Prof. Dr. Philip Eisenlohr

Metal Research

Prof. Dr. Thomas-Peter Fries

Extended Finite Element Method

Prof. Dr. Ming Hu

Materials Modeling - Hierarchies at the Atomic Scale

AICES - Aachen institute for advanced study in computational engineering science

Dr. Raschid Ijioui
Business Process Optimization

Prof. Ahmed Ismail Ph.D.

Multi-Scale-Modeling of Molekular Transformations

Dr. Ali Jannesari

Parallel Programming

Dr. Michael Kühn

Modeling of Hydrothermal Systems

Dr. Julia Kundin

Phase-Field Methods

Dr. Ralf Massjung

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Prof. Georg May Ph.D.

High Order Schemes for PDE, Aerodynamics

Prof. Alexander Mitsos Ph.D.

Deterministic Global Optimization, Optimization of Energy and Chemical Systems

Dr. Sönke Reiche

Reflection Seismics, Numerical Simulation of Flow and Transport Processes

Dr. Joao Luiz Lopes Rezende

Modelling and Simulation of Phase Transformations in Materials

Dr. Bart Verleye

Materials Science

Dr. Ivaylo Vladimirov

Production Technology - Material Modelling and Finite Element Technology

Dr. Stephan Wulfinghoff

Multiscale Modeling and Computational Mechanics

Dr. Masood Hafez Haghighat

Multiscale Modelling of Plastic Deformation