Postdoctoral Associates

Dr. Ruizhi Chen

Automatic Polycube Generation Method for Hex-meshing

Dr. Thang Xuan Duong

Continuum Thermo-mechanical Surrogate Modeling of Frictional Contact at Atomic Length Scales

Dr. Caterina Fenu

Inverse problems

Dr. Dzmitry Firaha

Reconstruction of the Microcanonical Rate Constant from Experimental Thermal Data

Dr. Paolo Gatto

Numerical Methods for PDE's; Hp-finite Elements; Randomized Linear Algebra

Dr. Reza Ghaffari

Advanced Continuum Frictional Models for Atomistic Systems

Dr. Hossein Gorji

Continuous Stochastic Processes for Flow Phenomena Out-of-Equilibrium

Dr. Mark Kärcher

Model Reduction and A Posteriori Error Estimation for Variational Data Assimilation (4D-Var)

Dr. Tobias Luginsland

Computational Fluid-Structure-Contact-Interactions on the Micro and Nanoscales


William McDoniel Ph.D.

Direct Simulation Monte Carlo, Molecular Dynamics

Dr. Konstantinos Panagiotou

Computational algorithms for determining the limit states of materials and structures subjected to cyclic loadings accounting for plasticity and damage

Dr. Zhenzhen Qin

Design Materials with Extremely High or Low Thermal Conductivity: Combination of CSP and MI2 Methods

Dr. Brooks Rabideau

Molecular Simulations and Transformations

Steffen Schaper DPhil

Computational Medicine

Dr. Pratheek Shanthraj

Micromechanics, Microstructural Design, Plasticity and Damage

Dr. Diego Fabregat Traver

Architecture-Driven Algorithms for Materials Science

Dr. Hui Wang

Random Field Application on Geoscience and Stochastic Geological Modelling

Dr. Madalina Wittel

Nuclear Verification and Disarmament

Dr. Lorenzo Zanon

Model Order Reduction for Nonlinear Elasticity Problems