Hosting Young Researchers

One of the major roles of the AICES graduate school is to serve as an incubator for young researchers establishing their first own research teams. Currently, about twelve Junior Research Group (JRG) leaders are active as Principal Investigators. Four of those Junior Research Groups are AICES-funded, and the remaining ones are supported by other external funding, including Emmy-Noether stipends of the DFG, project funds, or institute funds.

At AICES, we welcome proposals for establishment of additional JRGs that would offer synergies with our current academic aims. If you are planning to apply for own research group using any of the following instruments:

and look for a place to anchor the new group, please contact us. We may be able to offer not only an inspiring research environment, but one-of-a-kind set of facilities for computational engineering.


  • AICES is a central organization of the university, and new AICES JRGs do not need to be a associated with a particular university institute or senior professor.
  • AICES operates own 320-core Xeon cluster, high-resolution VR facility, and has access to some of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe operated by the J├╝lich Supercomputing Centre.
  • AICES 3-person Service Team offers help with workshop organization, student recruiting, and settling in Aachen.
  • AICES organizes soft-skills training events for both the JRG leaders and doctoral students associated with the JRGs.
  • Operating since late 2006, AICES attracts excellent international applications for doctoral positions in a variety of computational science and engineering fields; new research groups immediately gain access to this application stream to fill open positions, both external and AICES-funded.