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Career Opportunities

Your Career Starts With Us!


The AICES graduate school is committed to attracting, encouraging and retaining a highly qualified workforce and student body to support our mission of excellence in education and research:

Student Worker

Student research assistant (Hiwi) positions are available for students interested in computational solid mechanics and finite element coding. Prospective candidates should have a strong background in fundamental mathematics and mechanics.

Doctoral Stipends

The graduate school currently offers stipends for AICES funded doctoral projects. AICES stipends are available for Bachelor, Master and Diplom degree holders in relevant disciplines. Topics include specialized research in one of the areas of computational engineering, as well as on the integrative level of broadly defined inverse problems. The German Research Association secures generous funding for Ph.D. students through a grant. Details of the application procedure are posted on the admission page.

Hosting Young Researchers

One of the major role of the AICES graduate school is to serve as an incubator for young researchers establishing their first own research team. Yet, AICES also hosts externally funded young researchers, providing one-of-a-kind set of facilities for computational engineering. Funding for such research groups may be provided by one of the following sources:

  • • Emmy-Noether Program of the German Science Foundation
  • • Sofja-Kovalevskaja Award of the Humboldt Foundation
  • • Starting Grant of the European Research Council
  • • Helmholtz Young Investigators Program

Adjunct Professorships

Last but not least, AICES has means to establish an adjunct professorship in the fields of mathematics, computer science, materials technology and georesources to create a novel and intensive interaction between the university and industry.