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The AICES graduate program is open to students who hold either a Bachelor's degree, a Master's degree, or a similar Master's level degree, such as a German Diplom degree. There are several points of entry to the program, which determine the academic curriculum.

Students holding a Bachelor's Degree

The default entry point for students with a Bachelor's degree is the Master's program in Simulation Sciences, a flexible, English-language study program. The degree consists of three semesters of coursework, plus a one-semester thesis research project.

As an alternative entry point, students may enroll in any of the Master's programs offered by the university in Mathematics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Material Sciences, or CES. Currently these programs are offered predominantly in German. Students who wish to enroll need to fulfill the admission requirements of the respective departments. Evidence of adequate background, essentially equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in the same field, usually must be demonstrated. For further information please consult the websites of the individual departments:

Note that this list is not exhaustive. Other Master's programs in Science and Engineering may be considered suitable upon request. In any case, to enroll in these alternative-entry programs students must apply directly to the respective departments, and may additionally apply to AICES to be admitted to the fast-track doctoral program. Students admitted to AICES will receive a stipend during the Master's phase and will have the opportunity to continue to the doctoral phase of our program, provided the Master's program has been completed successfully.

Regardless of the entry point, each student's performance is evaluated after the coursework phase. This evaluation is based on course grades, as well as on research activity. Early research activity culminates in a written master's thesis, which should include a proposal of a research plan leading to the doctorate. This proposed research should ideally be in a direction initiated with the Master's thesis. In this sense the Master's thesis serves as a stepping stone for the doctoral research. Depending on positive evaluation, students are admitted to the three-year research program, leading to a doctoral thesis, and a doctoral degree. If not admitted, students may leave the program with an M.S. degree at the end of their second year.

Students holding a Master's Degree or a German Diplom

Students who enter the program already holding either a master's degree or a German Diplom are admitted directly to the three-year research phase of the program. Please follow the admission procedures outlined here.

Doctoral Program

Doctoral students in AICES complete an intensive three-year research program, culminating in a thesis and a doctoral degree. In comparison with a standard engineering curriculum leading to a doctoral degree at RWTH Aachen University, the AICES program aims to provide an integrated and highly interdisciplinary fast-track research-oriented training program from the B.S. level to the doctoral level by overlapping the start of doctoral research with M.S. thesis work. This fast-track system is planned to run in parallel to more traditional doctoral programs in science and engineering in order to build up sound experience with the new concept in comparison to the existing doctoral programs.

The program is illustrated above for both entry at the Bachelor's level and entry at the Master's level. For further questions, please see our frequently-asked questions, or contact us.